“Keep On”– new Jessica Rae song

Last post I introduced you to my new song “Keep On”…

I wrote this song with Todd Pachey after hearing a message in church one Sunday. The message hit me as it was describing the hard times and struggles we all face in life and how we need to keep on getting up, keep on moving on, keep on trying…and we’ll succeed.  On that Sunday, I was feeling pretty down and the message broke me. I wrote the title “Keep On” and the next writing appt I had with Todd, I brought it up. He liked the idea and I love how the song turned out!!  Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I turn to my new anthem “Keep On”.  If I think too hard about the lyrics while I’m singing it, its hard to get through…hopefully this song speaks to you as much as it does for me.

you can see a video HERE


Todd Pachey, Jessica Rae 2011

When the world wants you to give up
every door seems to close
All your prayers go unanswered
You feel lost and on your own
Keep On

Every time your faith is tested
on that long and desperate road
you feel like you want to turn around
pack it up and just go home
Keep On, Keep On

Keep on fighting don’t stop trying
Life is never easy
Stand for something don’t let nothing
Take livin’ out of dreamin
you’re never given more than you can handle
Breathe in, be strong
When You’re Barely hangin’ on
Keep On

You’re Hopeless when it comes to love
Tired of tears and the pain
Your jaded heart has given up
think you’ll never love again
Keep On


Keep on lovin’ when there’s no love left
Lose your fear with no regrets
Live each day like its your last



2 responses to ““Keep On”– new Jessica Rae song

  1. cool lyrics, and awesome music 🙂

  2. This song definitely helps me get through, and every time i need help getting through i turn on this song and im pretty good then

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