Jessica Rae- Holiday Gift Ideas!

If you’re like me, you’re in the middle of holiday shopping, trying to avoid the malls  because there is mayhem in every store!!  I have done most of my shopping online and I’m glad to say I’ve had little to no stress =)  While you’re shopping this season, I hope that you will keep me, and my career, in your thoughts while thinking of stocking stuffers and gifts for your family and friends. I have many items in my STORE that you can check out but here are a couple ideas. Maybe a Jessica Rae TSHIRT or Vanilla Air Freshener OR maybe a CD or 2 for your friends and family!!   There are posters and hats as well– I hope you visit the store on my website and maybe purchase something. So many ideas for this holiday season AND you can support me and my career this holiday!  A good deed all around!!! =)   Thanks in advance your your continued support!!!



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2 responses to “Jessica Rae- Holiday Gift Ideas!

  1. Thanks for your latest post. I am telling people about Jessica Rae including Country Network. My best wishes from Miami to your family this Christmas. Roberto

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